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studio pen
Natural Handwriting Solution

studio pen & receiver

To facilitate natural handwriting, Studio Pen uses the finest pen tip among current styluses. Studio Pen considers the ergonomics of the pen- that are soft, smooth and feels natural to use - while grabbing, holding and writing through intuitive solutions. Studio Pen minimized unnecessary elements of the existing product, Studio Pen eliminates UV coating – which is harmful to the environment. Instead, frosting technique was applied to the plastic. Also, debossing Byzero's logo resulted in a manufacturing process that is much more sustainable.

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Studio Pen uses patented technology combining ultrasound and infrared technologies with sophisticated algorithms to enable an accurate tracking and positioning system that tracks the movement of the tip of the pen on any surface and converts the movements into a vector image of the user’s handwriting.
Basic unit : Measuring the propagation time of the ultrasonic wave.

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Studio I

  • Studio I is created for iPad
  • Communication mode : UART through 30pin connector

Studio A

  • Studio A is created for GalaxyTab 10.1 and 8.9
  • Communication mode : USB through 30pin connector

01 Precise & Detailed Handwriting

Byzero's Studio Pen offers the finest pen among current styluses. Write like a real pen on paper with the high level of precise and accurate control. No need to zoom in and out.

Felt pen tip

Felt is applied on the tip of the Studio Pen to resolve the current styluses' slippery tips and supplement stability of handwriting with the precise recognition.

Palm Rejection
02 Palm Rejection

Unlike other styluses, Byzero's Studio Pen uses palm rejection technology to avoid unwanted palm detection while writing. Get a natural writing experience on your iPad with Studio Pen.

03 Mobility

Byzero's Studio Pen offers a premium experience with a simple installation. Write naturally and professionally anywhere, simply by plugging the receiver to iPad's charging port- no software to install, no computer required.