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MAO is a Software Development Kit (SDK) created for
integratation of Handwriting Solution. SDK containes
of documentaion, code samples, headers, libraries and
other files that developers can use to create software
application and libraries.

Operating system

  • iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Android 3.1 or higher

MAO basic

  • Screen Calibration, Drawing, Pen Signal Packet Parsing


  • Character Recognition & Digital Convert

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in education

Today students have grown up completely immersed in technology that education is transforming -- E-textbooks and e-learning has been taking some places in classroom. But writing still plays an important role as a necessary component of communication . Studio Pen can help students develop and reinforce writing skills to fully maximize an interactive learning experience. It is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between a traditional learning system and an interactive learning system.

in medical

Electronic Medical Record and Order Communication System, as paperless writing/recording systems, allow medical insurance improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

in bank/insurance

Electronic signature and banking haven't been legal and enforceable until now. So the process of banking and making contracts had to be processed in person and on traditional paper contracts signed in ink, which required the consumption of time and paper. Studio I can bring huge benefits to bank and insurance industries, by eliminating the use of paper-based applications and hard-copies and reducing the material cost. Electronic signature was forecasted by ____ to be a potential banking and contracting process to help companies save maximum 4% of IBT. By providing users with a straightforward way to get documents signed and returned in an electronic format, electronic signature software + Stidio Pen helps businesses increase response rates, improve efficiency, and cut operating expenses at the same time.

in office

Paper consumption in office requires some maintenance and storage space. It is also expensive to produce, and for companies to buy,print, mail and ship. Studio pen can help eliminate or greatly reduce the use of paper which allows to build a green office. It can also boost productivity, save space, make information or ideas sharing easier and keep personal information more secure.