/byzero's natural handwriting solution aims to meet human intuition and natural movements through mobile usage scenarios. While the rapidly changing landscape of digitial technology continues to advance and envovle, byzero will strive to humanize this technology, employing quality, design, and user experience as the points of difference.


Our philosophy focuses on emotional design that is achieved through a holistic design experience. A detail-oriented and thoughtful approach is applied to stimulate people's delicate sensibilities and give a lasting impression. -- strategic design partner, cloudandco


- Establishment of Byzero
- Develop Handwriting Messaging Solution

- Contract with Korea Telecom as a Solution Provider (FEB)
- Announcement of Handwriting Messaging Service at World IT Show (MAY)
- Approval of IT Venture Company (JUN)
- Launch of Handwriting Messaging Service with Korea Telecom (NOV)

- Exhibition of Handwriting Solution for iPad at IFA in Germany (SEP)
- Contracting Sales Agreement with Telefunken in Germany as a Exclusive Distributor for Europe (SEP)
- Exhibition of Handwriting Solution for iPad, GalaxyTab at CTIA in USA. Top Prize of Platform
  Challenge at CTIA (OCT)
- Starting to Sell Studio I Pen (OCT)
- Cooperation of Solution Providers (in progress)

- Starting to Sell Studio A Pen
- Launch of Press Sensor Pen